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Bear Tooth Theaterpub: Cheddar & Bacon

I’ve been to the Bear Tooth a handful of times, but this was the first time trying the burger. I usually get some Mexican food or on the theater side some pizza and beer. This is a decent place known mostly for their local beer selection, Moose’s Tooth pizza and a wide variety of good tequila. The burger was pretty good, but not great. I would say it was the Julia Roberts of burgers. You are going on a date and need something that’s not going to be horrible, but it’s still not your first choice. It won’t break the bank but is still enough it doesn’t make you look cheap. Yeah she can look alright in Ocean’s 11 and not ruin it, but we all know anybody would rather have Halle Berry or Salma Hayek. They have a couple other “exotic” burgers here but I won’t try them to be honest. They did ask how I wanted it cooked, which doesn’t happen often, but then proceeded to over cook it anyway. Medium rare should have pink in it, this had no pink but thankfully it wasn’t well done, just medium well. In the end this burger finds itself in the middle of the pack, I’d tell you go to Humpy’s instead of here.

My First Post


So my first post here is not a burger review, whatever, I’m not going to back log with all the old posts I put on FB.  I’ll go back to a few of the spots at the top of this list, just to make sure they are staying competitive.  Some of the burgers don’t deserve a second chance and I won’t waste anybody’s time with that bullshit.  I’m more writing this so I have something to look at while I’m getting this thing up and running.  I might write some reviews when I’m drunk, I won’t apologize now, or ever for that.  What goes better with a burger than a beer?  Exactly.  I’ll also probably drop a few F-bombs or similar profanities, it happens, grow up.  Feel free to suggest burger joints you know around town, or anywhere I’ll try and check them out.  Hell, I’ll even try out some sandwiches if you know a place that has a killer reuben, who knows what’ll happen here.