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Slippery Salmon: Burger with Pepper Jack and Bacon

The Slippery Salmon is connected to the Marriot or some shit like that.  Typically the only time I go there is when it lands on a pub crawl around Anchorage.  A couple years ago it putting a hurting on me during the 12 days of Christmas pub crawl.  Ran Ito Eric Metcalf, because why wouldn’t a former Cleveland Brown be a shitty Anchorage bar.  But some wanna be rich kid bought my buddy and I and extra round of beers and a shot.  Well when you are trying to have a drink at all 12 bars, and extra tall boy and shot will make the end of the night kind of blurry.  It was bar number 3 at that point so we didn’t know it was going to be the death of us.

But back to the burger. They advertise on the radio a lot about their juicy half pound burgers and blah blah blah. The burger was definitely juicy and with a half pound of beef it had the meat to be competitive. But if you have a slab of ground beef that big it needs to pack some flavor.  It was rather plain, needed some kind of seasoning.  The beefiness (which is always good) drown out the bacon and cheese a little.  Also, not sure how you can have too much bun with 8oz of beef on your plate, but they did it.  Mostly because the bun didn’t have anything to it, it was just bread in bun form.  Although I feel like I’m hating on this burger it’s still a decent option on their menu for the bar that it is probably not going to be on your list of places to visit in Anchorage.  I’d order it again if I was there and had to eat there.  But not something I’m going to hit up with all the other options around town.  Humpy’s around the corner would be a much much better place to go.

Also, this was the day that my burger partner’s baby finally got a lifetime ban from Cheeseburger Wednesday.  I don’t like kids, and I had been putting up with that thing for over a year.  At first it couldn’t move, which was cool.  It usually just laid there and slept like the selfish beast it is.  But now that it can walk it did nothing but crawl all over the table, run around and grab things and throw them on the ground and finally smashed an ornemant on the ground and broke it.  I don’t need this when I’m eating burgers.  Kids are the worst.  Period.  Don’t fuck with my cheeseburgers.

Also, I’m drinking now, at 14:00 on a Thursday so there was no proof reading, just rambling.