Tommy’s Burger Stop: The Bacon Cheeseburger

So, I’ve been a little M.I.A. since I got back from the desert.  2015 hasn’t been one for the ages (yet) so I have wasted spent some time catching up on my drinking and chasing some tail around Anchorage.  The jury is still out on how well I did with one, or both of those endeavors.  Either way it was enjoyable.  Throw Fur Rondy in the middle of that and I guess I’ve been “busy.”  Enough excuses, I did eat a burger that was fucking phenomenal.  Previously I had Tommy’s holding down the number three spot in Anchorage with Long Branch.  I have had several conversations about this because many people will argue it the top spot.  It had been about 8 months or so since the last time I went, and this visit put them in a tie with the Roadrunner.

This time I went with the standard bacon cheeseburger, the first time I went I had a jalapeno burger.   This burger though, with two cheeses melted on and some bacon that screamed ‘put me on a burger,’ was magnificent.  All their patties are Cajun seasoned.  I got there later in the evening, and they are always busy, so all that goodness cooked into the grill cooked into my burger and gave the beef patty and immaculate flavor.  This burger was like the first time I watched Desperado.  You know any Robert Rodriquez movie will be good so you want to watch it, then you find out you get a Tarantino and Cheech cameo with Salma Hayek doing full frontal.  Instant classic (side note, if you get a chance check out El Mariachi, the movie that made Desperado possible).

Other notes about Tommy’s is that my friend (who is being so lady like in the picture) got the blue cheeseburger and I was slightly jelly.  The slab of blue cheese they threw on there was cooked on the grill first and looked goddamn amazing sitting on top of that patty.  I will be eating that soon.  However, Tommy’s is small, really small, even smaller in the winter time with out the 3 extra tables they have outside. So seating is premium.  Fuck character, give me some space where I don’t have to listen to a kid yelling 2 feet away.  They also have a good, but expensive selection of beverages (also cheap fountains) which includes some Mexican Coke.  It’s a much different selection of burgers than the Roadrunner which makes it hard to pick a clear winner between the two.  After I try some more at Tommy’s it might change.

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