Piper’s: Piper’s Signature Burger

As I make my rounds in search of the best burger in Anchorage new locations start becoming scarce.  Because of this I always enjoy when somebody recommends a place I haven’t heard of.  This led me to Piper’s.  It’s on the far west side of Anchorage, near the airport, which is pretty far from post and probably why I never heard of it.  It has a patio on the lake which is decent, it has a good atmosphere and you could tell it is a regular spot for a lot of people who work at the airport.  I believe my friend who recommended it is also a regular here and she suggested trying their blue cheese burger (although Tommy’s so far has shit on lock).  But I get it, I had a local bar back home that was my jam.  Going there sometimes 5-6 nights a week and more than several times closed it down on a Tuesday.  Was it the greatest food?  No. Did I eat the shit out of it? Yes.  When you have “your” bar and the waitress meets you at the table with a beer before you even sit down, it’s going to have some nostalgia to it and the food will taste a little better.

This brings me back to Piper’s.  I could hang out here, and the food was decent bar food.  Not being my regular bar though I found it be on the average side of things.  As I mentioned the blue cheese burger came recommended, however I saw the Signature Burger on the menu and if anyone wants to claim a signature burger I have to see if it lives up to their own hype.  It comes with onion straws, blue cheese, swiss cheese and bacon.  They do offer a sweet potato fries option for an extra dollar, but I stayed with the traditional.  After everything  said and done, I left unimpressed.  Basically its how every person outside of Chicago sees Jay Cutler.  If you are a homer then you love him and convince people to draft him on their fantasy team (yes I’m still bitter).  Shit, your owner will even over pay the shit out of him because he can’t let go of the fact that he isn’t an elite QB.  But Bears fans still root for him day in and day out when the rest of the free world says ‘meh, I’ve seen better.’ However, I am not against going to this bar again and eating another burger if I was in the area.  The set up is decent to watch some sports and the people aren’t dicks.  They had some interesting sauces too for some of their appetizers.  So that was cool, I guess.  That would be their Matt Forte, the real reason the offense clicks, their burger is just there getting paid.

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