The Carnegie Reuben: Not for Little Bitches (Mike Yash)


So no shit there I was, on leave, in NY visiting my cousin and on a mission to find the best sandwiches on the east coast.  I of course already ran a train through Philly crushing cheese steaks like it was my job.  Well if you know anything about sandwiches, you know Carnegie Deli.  It is the overpriced tourist trap that serves some really good meats.  I of course get one of my favorite deli treats, the reuben.  Corned beef or course, and if you don’t like reuben I really don’t want to talk to you.  But this monster is a $28 mountain of corned beef, about half a wheel of swiss, sauerkraut for days and basically a whole bottle of thousand island.  As I sat there devouring this beast I saw families come through and be defeated splitting lesser meals.  From start to finish this took me about an hour to complete.  I probably could have gone the next three days with out eating, but of course that wasn’t going to happen.  This was like playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out without the game genie or cheat codes.  It can be done start to finish and you do it just to prove you can do it, but takes a systematic approach and the drive to get through the monotony of being the likes of King Hippo and Don Flamenco.  You know how to beat it, and still have to go through every punch one at a time until that third knock down.   But once you beat Mike Tyson without a cheat code, you are a legend.  Forever.

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