Anchorage Rankings

I got a list, here is the list and the order it’s in.  You might disagree and I’ll listen to what you have to say.  I’ll also probably tell you to pound sand and leave my list the way it is, but I’ll do it nicely.

  1. Tommy’s
  2. ArcticRoadrunner (the original on Arctic Blvd)
  3. Long Branch Saloon (word on the street is that the kitchen is back open after the  kitchen fire)
    • Burger Jim’s
  4. Humpy’s
  5.  Wee Bee’s
  6. Lucky Wishbone
  7. F St Station
  8. Piper’s
  9. Hamburger Haven
  10. Bear Tooth
  11. Burgertown
  12. Peanut Farm
  13. 907 Sports Bar (the one excption to the Anchorage rule since it is on JBER, but I do what I want)
  14. Hula Hands
  15. Palermo’s
  16. McGinley’s Irish Pub
  17. Burger Cache
  18. Straight out of Philly

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