The Rankings

I’ve been asked if I have an evaluation process for my burgers.  A way to rate each burger to determine what is the best and what isn’t.  It’s rather complicated but I’ll see if I can explain it step by step below.

  1. Eat burger
  2. Rank burger

I guess it isn’t that complicated.  Sure I could come up with a very systematic evaluation process, as an engineer that’s what I do.  However, I don’t want to ruin a good burger by turning it into work, picking it apart bite by bite.  I eat cheeseburgers because I enjoy them.  If I order a cheeseburger I prefer to sit down and do just that.  Afterwards I’ll reflect back on the experience and see how it matches up against previous encounters with similar meals.  I can’t sit here and explain an amazing burger, but I certainly could tell you when I’ve had one.

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